16.05.2019. – Skill of Mindfulness

Mindfulness means being aware of your thoughts. Especially the toxic ones. Such as thoughts about bad/negative events that happened in the past.

Like any other skill – mindfulness requires practice. A lot of it. For me it took many months and I think I became pretty good at it. Although, not perfect yet.

So, ability to spot, stop and convert thoughts about the bad events from the past is, so far, the most useful one for me. Even if this past was just yesterday.

When thoughts about bad/negative events from the past start haunting, I learned to stop them and convert into thoughts about how awesome events are waiting for me to happen in the future. Maybe even today. Mood is immediately improved and the will for life is back again.

For some this is natural, no need to practice, for others (like me) it is kind of a big deal.

Practice makes perfect. After months and months of work results are finally showing up.


Making Your Own Reality

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“Making your own reality.” What’s wrong with this sentence?

Well, everything. This sentence is senseless because these manifestations we call reality, they’re nothing but manifestations.

Our perception of this life and our experience in these bodies in this time and space on earth as a reality – is fundamentally wrong.

Ok. So, what do we make of this?

Well, first of all, we take everything much less seriously. We take our rat-race jobs much less seriously, we take “events” around us much less seriously, we can allow ourselves to be much more relaxed. Because, this is all a stage and a play something or someone prepared for our souls, dumped us i to these bodies, cut down our preceptors to minimum necessary for his/her/it’s own amusement (whoever/whatever it is) and it’s having fun. Maybe. Or maybe it just forgot about us.

But we can be free. Despite being put in this prison – we can be free. How? Well, just by knowing all this.

“So, can I manifest abundance, health, frienships, good times, peace and happiness using my own consciousness?”

Yes you can.

(Unfortunately, this sentence was stolen and abused for the purpose of political promotion – but we need to look at it outside of the political context.)

Life can be whatever you want it to be, but only after you break the chain of fear.

People don’t lack faith. People lack understanding of reality for what it really is and for what it is not.

In the source of it all, or should I say, on higher levels of it all (at least), terms like “lack”, “fear”, “illness”, “death” … and I could go on forever with these – simply don’t exist. Words don’t exist. None of them. Just the feeling of timeless, infinite joy.

And this is your true legacy. This is your right. This is what you deserve and this is what you are. Limitless joy.

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No Rush – Just Remove The Curtain

There is really no need for any kind of rush any more. No need for rush, no need for fear. No need for anything for that matter.

There is simply no need.

And miracles happen when we remove “the need” from our minds. Actually, no real miracle, it’s just the way the consciousness works. Once the need is taken out, there is room for good things to come in.

Actually, once the curtain is removed we realize the real deal behind this “theatrical piece” which was imposed on us and which we call existence. But this is just a twisted and perverted primitive, poorly assembled, weak construction, sad attempt to imprison us which falls like house of cards once we see through it.

So, there is no need. Need is aloso imposed onto us. Need is a metal bar, part of construction which makes this prison cell we call “reality”. For many, at least, it is a prison cell.

Time and space. One can not exist without the other. And none of them can exist unless they are perceived.

So, well, since we are already in it, unless we wanna go out, what do we make of this knowledge? Apart from not being afraid any more?

I don’t know. It all becomes light. Easy. I feel I could easily flow above the ground and just float around.

No. I don’t know yet. I it is a kind of a shift in perspective and for starters I think I’m just gonna relax and enjoy the revelation.

So, in this reality, I’m gonna continue to just, well, float. Enjoy it because I don’t think I can be scared or in need any more.

You make it a good day world.

Five Days Of Awesomeness

It came and it stayed. Because it liked it here. For five days in a raw already. Events of last few days were unbelievably enjoyable. How come?

Well, I created them. 🙂

Some real good news arrived today! Some real good news! Whoa!

Zen is not the word. This is exciting in the most positive way. The way events unfold …

What truly happened is that I saw this stage from the other side and realised how all this is a non-topic. This thing we’re calling our world, our “reality” … it does not exist in the way we bekieve it exsitsts. It’s all fake. It’s a play created for us. I know, pretty hard to grasp. But it’s true.

And once you see that, it’s really difficult to “unsee”. Once you see that, you realise, you should really just relax and enjoy the show.

And if you get bored watching, which you eventually will, you may just decide to take the director’s chair and, well, direct it.

Direct your own show.

We all have all the time in the world.

This Is Happening. Love Of Life – Day Four

Today is Monday. 18th of March. Morning of joy. I will let events develop and I will let circumstances to change in great ways, so that I will continue to feel joy and happiness.

I feel thankful to this morning for everything it brings. The coffee, the silence, meditation and the awareness that events are unfolding all in my favor and in harmony with the rest of the Universe. All is in harmony. All is as it should be. This scenery is changing shape at all times and this time I am directing it. This time – I am setting up the stage. Because I finally realised I can do that.

I can move the coulisses and change the scenery as I wish. I am not a prisoner any more. I am taking the rule over my life back into my own hands. I am letting my self out of the prison of worry, fear and submission and I’m walking out into the freedom to do what I want to do and live my life the way I want to.

So, as a first step – I choose joy. Joy and knowledge that this theater is my theater. I am the director and I choose which coulisse goes where and which actor does what. I am also taking the script writing into my own hands. No worries, Universe, you’re in good hands. No animals will be harmed. We’ll all be happy. At least I’ll do my best to build my happiness by not ruining anybody elses. All I am taking for my self (apart from what I already have) are peace and quiet. You guys can keep your stuff.

I am not taking anything from you but my freedom.

And I Am Back – Day Three

Today is 17th of March 2019. Yep, still here. Just better. Even better than the day before! Didn’t think that was possible, but it is happening!

Yet, I’m not sure what’s the meaning of counting days here. No meaning at all. Days don’t matter. Just as time doesn’t matter after all.

And I Am Back – Day Two

There was this Nazi propaganda minister who said if you repeat a lie 100 times it becomes true.

Same goes for your belief.

If you repeat a belief that you can’t do or feel something, it will become reality.

Same goes vice-versa. If you repeat, enough times, that you can do or feel something – that too will become reality.

You are not just an observer. You are creator too.

Thus …

The power of focus and intention at it’s best. It doesn’t take more than few minutes. I guess this time shortens with practice.

It doesn’t give results at first so you may get discouraged, but be persistent because it is inside of you, you just need to dig a little.

When I close my eyes and even with my eyes opened, I see myself holding a glowing golden cube. It’s light takes over my soul body and releases the overwhelming feeling of joy inside of me. Now I know – this is where I wanted to be.

So, isn’t it awesome? Feeling the joy and happiness you chose to feel? Letting it out? You just need to dig a little.

Thanks for the legacy dude! Much appreciated! (Talking to myself from yesterday),

Therefore, today, I am so enthusiastic for tomorrow. It will be an awesome day! Full of love, smiles and joy. It will be an awesome day indeed. Dreams fulfilled.

The goal is reached and my initial intention not to worry about anything resulted in something even bigger and better. I know I will not worry tomorrow either. Or the day after.

Because the way things develop, awesome and unexpected events unfold in front of my eyes which are hard to believe. I knew these feelings exist, but learning to feel the way I want to feel at any given moment – that’s awesome.

Awesomeness, this is my legacy for tomorrow.